Today the buzz is all about e-commerce, isn’t it? Bombino understands the need to select a quality global logistics solution provider who can offer flexible solutions for e-commerce businesses. We are in the business of online order fulfillment management, making sure your shipments are processed in the fastest and most efficient way.

We specialize in warehousing, order processing, order fulfillment, and distribution of products anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves by helping fast growing companies develop and execute accurate, economical, competitive, order fulfillment strategies and by being inexpensive, accurate, and service oriented.

Getting e-commerce right requires coordination, experience, and innovation. We deliver both business-to-business and business-to-consumer e–commerce fulfillment services. Our fulfillment offering is supported by web-enabled systems, such as shipment track and trace.

We efficiently manage the critically important “back end” operations and order fulfillment needs of your small to mid-size business whether you have less than a pallet of inventory, or need hundreds of square feet of storage.

We will:

  • Receive your products
  • Secure & safely store your merchandise
  • Professionally package your orders
  • Immediately ship your orders
  • Notify your customers of shipment and tracking information
  • Update and report to you
  • Receive and process your returns

Easy to do business with — Knowledgeable — Dependable

  • Over 18 years of experience managing logistics.
  • A full range of accurate, economical solutions for growing companies.
  • Real time reports – accurate, detailed, and useful information.
  • All received items are verified against the quantities reported in your receiving. order. Quantity and quality variances are highlighted, and product (SKU) dimensions and weights are checked.
  • Our warehouse employees follow specific product and merchant packaging rules to meet the highest quality standards.
  • Our warehouses use enterprise-grade warehouse management systems (WMS). Our systems and processes are highly configurable and flexible.
  • Orders are synchronized to ensure time and cost efficiency and to align with carrier pickups.
  • Our warehouses can handle a variety of special projects, including kitting, labeling, light assembly, and quality control.
  • We continuously measure and audit inbound and outbound inventory to ensure order accuracy and excellent condi tions. Our warehouses are equipped with physical security, personnel, and more.