Warehousing and transportation is the backbone of all industries. Adequate storage capacity and a strategic location of the warehouse enables efficient functioning of the supply and distribution network, in addition to providing a strategic competitive advantage to the business. Proper material handling, storage conditions, and timely movement of goods are necessary, as improper handling and prolonged storage can deteriorate the quality of the stored product, especially the perishable goods and biological drugs. We understand the importance of warehousing within the wider supply chain, so getting it right when providing a logistic solution is of utmost importance to us.

What we offer is not just a place to store your surplus stock and deliverables, but our idea is to serve and assist you in fulfilling specific storage, fulfillment, and distribution needs.

You have in us an expert partner to help your business grow, and who will be responsible for your customers receiving orders in a timely and cost effective manner.

We Seek to Deliver Advanced Customer Service Quality By:

•   Optimizing the Performance Of Your Existing Assets & Warehousing
•   Customizing Dedicated Facility Or Flexible Shared Facilities and Storage System As You Want
•   Dedicated Warehouse
•   Bonded Warehouse
•   Shared Warehouse
•   Temporary Warehouse
•   Pallet Storage
•   Floor Storage
•   Rack Storage
•   Bin Storage

Our services deliver:

•   Flexibility: To Meet Growing Volumes
•   Optimized Delivery Performance
•   Greater Responsiveness
•   Better Understanding of Your Shipping and Fulfillment Costs Without Having To Invest In Warehouse Leases (Build Outs), Employees, Software, Vehicles, Insurance, and Security
•   Unlimited Resources To Grow
•   Shorter Lead Times
•   Improved Profitability
•   Rock-Solid Record Keeping
•   Transaction Integrity
•   More Distribution Center Locations = Lower Shipping Costs
•   Gives You a Point-Of-Contact For All Storage and Shipping Concerns
•   Frees You Up To Grow Your Business and Focus On Sales and Marketing
•   Allows You To Enter New Foreign Markets With Minimal Investment

We offer complete Solution with:

•   Pick Up From: Ports and Manufacturing Plant’s
•   Custom Clearance
•   Warehousing
•   Inventory Management
•   Order Processing
•   Invoicing

Fulfillment Activities Including:

•   Letter-Shopping
•   Pick & Pack
•   Last mile delivery to retailers/ customers
•   After sales –Support
•   Return Management

To Ensure The Safety Of Your Values, We provide Around The Clock Security Including:

•   Access Controlled Entrances
•   Easy Access To Retrieve Or Replace Goods
•   Regular and Pest Treatments
•   Scanning and Bar-Coding For Easy Retrieval and Insurance Coverage